WAR: Russia attacks Ukraine

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I am from Kyiv, Ukraine. We have a war. Russia has attacked Ukraine and is bombing civilians and non-military targets, such as schools, hospitals even maternity hospital (March, 9th, Mariupol). You can get more information, donate and support on official web-page. Don’t believe the fakes. https://war.ukraine.ua/why/ You can contact me directly in my instagram, i […]

Battle Of The Year Soundtrack 2019 (feat. Dj Igorskee)

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Battle Of The Year 2019 — The Soundtrack by DJ Igorskee My track made it to B.O.T.Y. soundtrack compilation. Thank you! Мой трек попал в компиляцию B.O.T.Y. soundtrack! Listen on Spotify , Apple music and other places. Subscribe: instagram.com/djigorskee/ t.me/djigorskee